Letting Go

Another short story I wrote for English class earlier this year :P
The theme of the story was "Write a story in which a character is faced with making an important decision".
I wrote this story about a couple who's young son is hit by a car and in a coma, and their decision to switch off his life support machine.

The hospital had been quiet all night; oddly peaceful for such a busy place. Only the steady beeping and whirring of the surrounding machines had broken the silence, along with the footsteps and soft voices of the nurses as they took turns to complete their rounds. But it was starting to come to life now; the sounds of doctors beginning patient check-ups becoming increasingly frequent, and conversations in the corridors losing the subdued hush of the night-time.

Siobhán sat curled up in the armchair closest to the hospital bed, her face pale and gaunt with sleeplessness and worry. Her husband, Ben, was slumped in the chair facing her across the bed. His chin was resting on his chest and he was deep in an uneasy slumber, his thin face frozen in a frown even as he rested. She felt a solitary tear inch it's lonely way down her face once more, as she allowed her gaze to travel back to the small, lifeless body trapped in the bed.

Ben and Siobhán's 5-year-old son, Kian, lay motionless between them, his tiny form covered to the chest with thin hospital blankets. Countless wires and tubes snaked out from beneath the blankets, connecting to various machines crowded around the head of the bed. Countless more protruded from his arms and chest, monitoring his heart rate and temperature, and pumping his body with saline solution from an IV drip. The biggest tube snaked from his mouth to a large macine directly to the left of the bed. This was the machine that scared Siobhán the most; this was the life support machine, the machine that was breathing for her son, the machine that was keeping him alive. And today, she and her husband faced the most important and life-changing descision of their lives- they had to decide if it was time to finally switch off the machine keeping their only son clinging to life.

The End

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