No Time for Celebration -On to Victory! 8


So glad to make you happy AND annoyed at the same time, but I don't mix business and pleasure. Besides, you needed to see everyone before you embark on your own new journey...and...I just didn't want to say anything in front of your mom. Face it, she's a hardcore gossiper -defend her if you will, it's your right to do so. Really, it's your day, not mine -so even though you begged for me to tell you my story, it just wasn't the right time (or thing) to do so. NOW I can fill you in on details about the rumors that lead to the trial.

As you know, I hate immature people, and a group of women always spell disaster...okay... mostly spell disaster, I'm not that pessimistic. I don't want to denigrate all groups of women since I know a few who, when they are together, conquer the world! They are amazing advice givers, strong and wonderful characters to boot! The women I hate are the brood of vipers and especially the Head Nurse whom I never really bothered, but because I didn't fit in with her group or her idea of "being a lady" (because I'm more a soldier than a nurse) she decides that I'd be a good target. But she forgets that a good soldier doesn't back down from a fight, much less lose. I don't get my strength from putting other people down -and her having all that power got to her well as her a** because I sure kicked it. Don't mind me -I have my bragging rights. Just because I'm nice doesn't mean it's to be taken advantage of -it's not a sign of weakness and those who thought so, well...they learned.

Anyway, you find out more about the person who spread the rumor, not the intent but the extent of self hatred: she hates someone she can't control or who won't agree with her actions and views on life. I had already gotten on her bad side because I challenged her about saving the men first (rather, primarily). Since I over stepped her sphere of power and influence, she wanted to make my life miserable. I admit that perhaps I goaded her, but reflecting back, it was a good thing to expose her even more by doing so. Whenever I stepped into the room with her around she and her lackeys would stop talking and say things such as "if we say anything, she'll tell on us" and roll their eyes. They did the classic isolation tactic which didn't work since I had few friends to begin with. The ones who were too afraid to oppose her in front of her, told me in private how much they admired my courage. Piece of sh*t ~you're a coward, if you can't stand for what you believe, you have no business being in my presence...I say in my head. I just nod, smile and go on my way. I don't want to force them to take sides, but if they're like that, it shows I can't really trust them to do the right thing during DIRE circumstances. I digress.

Whenever we had PT (physical training) tests and we were supposed to check in with the nurses, they somehow found ways of skipping me or lowering my scores by making sure it seemed I was unhealthy (*massive eye rolling). I knew what they were doing, but they didn't know that I was documenting it and asking others if they witnessed what was going on. I told them that I wouldn't reveal their names and that they never had to be mentioned if they didn't want (I'm curious about this situation as a social experiement too --how much invovlement do people think is necessary in order to live? And, is it motivated (or lack motivation) by a desire for comfort, or a fear of being responsible for something not "theirs"?). Some of them allowed me to document their names in my journal so that I had (outside, personal?) evidence against the HN and her lackeys. I talked to the HN about her lackeys, because it's what I'm supposed to do. It also means that she has to document my complaints and that the military will have these on file. But she always gave me attitude or even defended their actions without attempting to resolve anything. (*Spoiler alert, she never actually turned in any complaints filed against her, which is fine because I made copies in case something like that happened). One time in particular, I pretended to call my mother on my phone (really it was a cover to film what was going on) and "complained" loudly about the injustice of the HN. She rolled her eyes and even tried taking my phone to defend herself to my mother. I don't see why that would be important... but it was funny nonetheless. Although I couldn't use it as evidence against her, it was just a fun momento for me to have. I had to be really careful with that one however because I could have cost my case. (*Luckily I didn't ~another spoiler!)

The one rumor that was her undoing was when she allged that I was "seeing" (her allegations were more graphic, it's simply not responsible for me to repeat) one of the SSGs (Staff Sargeant). He, in fact, was the one who believed me and more importantly, is the son of a Major General. Big mistake. She was right that I was seeing him, but we were putting together a case against her that she could NEVER defend herself least not in a civilian court of law. It would be a precedent she was setting as a civilian tried in a military tribunal during an ambiguous time of "war" (for it's not stated by the President that we ARE in one. The Media has had to "correct" their mistake by calling it a Conflict than war (as though that made MUCH difference... politics ruins language. I digress [*sigh]) for treason against her country. I don't know what will happen to her after this, neither do I care because as many lives as she ruined, she can't undo the damage. What's worse, she's only sorry about being caught. So of course, I won...but I wondered at what cost. During a war, a civilian's freedoms are nonexistant -it's possible to get in trouble for saying ANYTHING against the government. What was worrisome was that I was arguing for her actions being treasonous even during a time of...peace...Well...peace until they decide to call it for what it is -WAR where normally, I'd err on the side of not wanting our freedoms taken away because of what we say.

But I'm tired now. I'll write after my graduation.

The End

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