Divine Answers DO Come From the Sky 7.2

I don't have the luxury of writing a lengthy letter today but I don't want to short change any of my letters to you (after all, rambling is my favorite past time), so let me get write to it (ha ha). The "fallen soldiers" included the Spy and (I suppose) some members of his group. We had to transport them to the hospital off post; once there we receive further instructions. Who would orchestrate something like this, I don't know -it seemed rather convenient -I push that thought out of my mind, however, I must concentrate on passing this last test in order to graduate. Our instructor gave us different scenarios -my scenario was that the soldier was bleeding to death (the suture wasn't sufficient) and he needed to be stabilized and then taken to the hospital -how do I solve the problem. And the kicker: there are limited supplies, and the only medical copter left has no pilot because the soldier I'm nursing is the pilot.

The second part, no problem -but bleeding to death...man...that will take some creativity on my part. I always have a sewing kit -I could sew his wound together myself -but what happens with blood loss, he'll probably lose consciousness and have a dangerously low blood pressure...

It's not important what I decided to do -ultimately, we get to the hospital and the instructor met us there. He told each of us what he thought of our decisions and graded us accordingly. He was very surprised that I knew how to fly. Actually, I didn't know much about helicopters -I just winged it (wow full of word play today). At any rate, since we were off post, he gave us free time and an allowance so we'd make it back to post on time later. In fact he gave an extra allowance-reward according to how he rated us (*the better the score the more money we earned). We were shocked and pleasantly surprised and some of us (namely myself) a bit wary of this gesture.


"I hope you won't be late to your friend's graduation. Send her my congratulations as well."

"Thank you, sir..." (My, how word travels ~ no sarcasm, none a t a l l . . .)

"Our numbers are growing steadily  -and we could always use all the help we can get, especially from skilled people. You don't need to give me an answer now, but do consider it." (*By the way, the instructor may or not actually be involved with the group Ama (in Japanese it means sky; Imperial. In particular: Assembling, Mobilizing, Abridging --military: gotta love our acronyms, home of the alphabet soup (rolls eyes).) I wonder how people like the Instructor get to have such a moving role yet enjoy the advantages of being an outsider!!! *Sigh, continuing the letter)


And with that he leaves. I refuse to believe I'm involved -what a dirty trick, now I owe a favor. But that's the extent of my personal free willed involvement. (*Sigh) Can't think about it now, I have a graduation to attend!




I suppose I could just give you the letter -saves on stamps and time ^^ And of course this portion of your letter is a bit...well illegible. I'm writing in the taxi after all. I hope I at least get to see you walk. If not, I'll be there to (look for you) congratulate you at the end (*not as great as actually seeing you walk, but one miracle at a time, right?)

I don't believe in luck -but that's exactly what I have: I'm here! You haven't walked yet -I'm so glad your last name starts with a "W". This means I get to add a little more to end this letter. Namely:

Congratulations to a beautiful, bright young woman (*see how that sounds like the beginnings of a crappy sentimental card?). Life may not have seemed worth living at times, but you have your own life to look forward to now -not your parents' (although it's great to make them proud) and not anyone else's. Always make time for yourself because if you don't you won't be able to take care of others -that's my final advice. I know you know this, but we all need reminders and someone to be there from time to time.

Oh...and congratulations from the AMA group as well...*sigh -Try not to get into crazy things like I do -! Okay, okay I did say final advice right? It's just a habit of mine, you can get into crazy things if you like. See you in a few minutes!



The End

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