Life Begins Again 2



You wouldn’t believe that I almost died in training! It was so boring and common sensical. Well...I suppose the boring parts came from learning the basics  -it would've been a good review for me if we could actually finish it! My colleagues (should I call them that?) asked STUPID questions! Don’t give me that bullsh*t “there are no stupid questions.” People who say that 1) either don’t truly believe what they’re saying or 2) are the ones who ask the stupid questions…(Well I’m calm now –but you see the predicament I’m in?) I can already feel you chastising my impatience…And NO it’s NOT because I feel guilty for thinking they’re asinine. I can’t wait for the field tests so they can prove me wrong! Considering that the military raised its standards, why are so many acting like this is nothing? Unlike school, this is life and death and I REFUSE to be stuck with inept "persons" that could've saved my life had they taken class more seriously.That aside, I’ve met some great people here…and some not so great people… (*sigh) But this is just the beginning of what I’ll miss later in life…if I make it that far.

I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. Send my regards to your family –I hope your brother gets well. And I know your mother seems a bit overbearing now…but she’s not always wrong. But if you must argue with her, please do so logically, and not emotionally so as to not say harsh things. (Even though arguing logically, you could still say regrettable things simply because the motive (admit it!) is to be right. But being right doesn't make it right to express it at that time in that way.) Therefore, even though it’s nagging, she just wants you to listen. If you hear her out at least (over time) she’ll really appreciate it, and do it less…or maybe it will seem like less because you’ve grown accustomed to it. Either way, you shouldn’t be at war with your best ally –your mom will always (want to) be there, so cherish that. Maybe you don't want to hear this coming from me --we're not all perfect, but perfection is just a state to arrive at not be, for even perfect people can be as butt-holes. And I won't say anything about your father, you KNOW how I feel about him. You are more forgiving than I am...or are you just ignoring some of his flaws at your own peril? I worry about you and your future relationships with men. ...But I suppose, he's human too and just because he can't handle responsibility, I shouldn't judge so harshly seeing as how he's more your problem than mine. I'm SO glad you're you, trouble-family and all. And of course you should be just as honest with me, I always welcome your opinion, you know this.

I have a favor to ask (because I haven’t been able to do so yet) --can you send me information of anything about the invasion as well as our war against the South and West? I wish to map out the events –try to make sense of it all from all angels (and devils…I didn’t feel like correcting my spelling mistake). Any mainstream and independent articles you can send would be great –I’ll handle the military articles. Thanks ahead of time!

I’m glad the nurses’ uniform is uniform –we all wear pants! (Oh and shirts too, of course). I’ll send you a picture the next time I write. Lately I’ve been thinking about my apartment which is weird since I sold it…and most of my belongings. Is it ominous to suddenly think such things? Oh, and something you said awhile ago –QUITE awhile ago –about if it was peaceful the world would be a better place and I had said that it’s some great ideal we have and have as yet to realize…I stand by my claim that we can do things peacefully. We can feel at peace but there’s no peace. No ideals exist by itself and for any long amounts of time because those ideals (be it good or bad) are perfect being practiced by imperfect beings who are constrained by time. I believe that war, like any other disasters, are only exacerbated by human sentimentality (and EGO) –as long as one thing is possible, another thing is possible and both possibilities exist because they aren’t mutually exclusive –mutually exclusive things don’t cancel each other out! How can there be a “balance” if war is so “bad”? Again, that’s human sentiment ascribing a characteristic to something that other animals don’t waste time doing…What if the "opposite" of war isn't "peace" but non war? Humans are stu misguided and follow the wrong perspective so willingly. Sheeple indeed. Speaking of religion, where does it ever say world peace is our goal?! Since "evil exists" in the world, it is not for us to make the world peaceful, but to make peace with the world and live accordingly.

But besides the sentimentality, training goes…It’s going…somewhere. Perhaps it’s premature of me to think that there’s someone in particular who seems knowledgeable about the situation. I apologize for boring you with details but allow me to show you an excerpt of this article I did find:


Withdrawing Border Troops from the North

As of five months ago, negotiations have been made to slowly withdraw troops from the North. Withdrawn troops total up to 4,000 with an estimate of 7,000 more to be withdrawn by next month. This in compliance to the agreements made with President Morossos. Since the withdrawal of troops, our bases on the border has been closing and should be closed completely in three more years.

By then, both our countries will have a new president. I wonder what the provisions of the agreement is? (There must be more than this. President Morossos ordered immediate withdrawals whereas just five months ago it wasn't the case). What is the overall plan, the motive? I'm surprised we had that many troops there to begin with! HOW could there have been an agreement five months ago about something of this magnitude? Unless my head was under a rock (which it probably was) that agreement was nullified...changed (??) by the recent negotiations? What about the soldiers? Where are they being reassigned (*because you can't just move that many troops at once. It seems hostile)? There was nothing on the news stating that the withdrawal of troops meant their return home...What is going on?

If we were to compare the articles, this doesn't make sense --I'm guessing there are things the leaders wanted to keep the nations out of the loop; this information (which is not enough even now) was not reported on in depth from five months ago until now (or even from before five months ago). Many of my “colleagues”  peers talk about it but say nothing different or further than what’s already printed! Are people really that afraid to think? That’s also human nature…well, not really –it’s mob mentality –upholding the status quo. Humans will uphold the status quo even if they should be discovering the TRUTH. But I digress. This withdrawing of troops may very well be because we want them to think we’ll be “leaving” but we’re “important” so it’s a mistake to want this (on the other hand, it seems weak withdrawing so many troops from a country having no military of its own, based on their terms. Perhaps this is why we don't want all of them gone all at once...although, how many were there to begin with? Are we really going to withdraw our troops permanently?) …That and probably we need the troops to fight in the South and overseas (mostly South). But what do I know about strategy? I’m just a medic after all…

The End

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