Letter 2: Halle

Dearest Audrey,

            I am fine, but My mums moved out again. Won't be long till I join her. I miss you too! Are you coming for Christmas? WaterView's the same as you left it. Yes! Oh my gosh, It's driving me crazy! You don't need to be scared, Audrey, everything's going to be okay. Kids are rarely caught in these fights. They're mostly for adults. Oh, I'll be glad to accept your offer. But my Dad would miss me terribly. Jordan's still there? It thought he was suppossed to move out a month ago???

            That's great, Drey. I'm having those too. When I wake up in the morning after I get showered I run across the street to your house. Then the neighbors answered the door, they got really mad, said I was a piece of junk. Oh, some back! If you don't, I'll cry until my mum lets you live here. You could even switch between houses with me! That would be so fun!

             Audrey, something weirds happenning here. I can't tell you yet, but will on the phone. I feel as if the posts are being checked and it's not safe. I'll call you tom. at 3:15 as soon as I get out of school. But hear me, you won't like what you hear. Trust me it's bad.



The End

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