Letters To Home and From

Dear Halle,

          Hi, How are you doing? I wish I was with you and Jilly. I miss you so much! How is home? Are they still fighting over the wishes? I'm scared for you, Halle! You could get hurt or injured with this fight. I want you to move here! Please will you? My parents will let you stay with us....we'll kick Jordan out, he eighteen, he needs to move out anyway.

           Well, not much is happening here. Mom and Dad have calmed down, they feel safe here. We've settled in, but it just feels wrong. In the kitchen I keep waiting to hear the old creaking of the floor boards. In my bedroom I don't hop around, then I realize I don't have to be careful anymore. I feel sad, Halle. I miss our huge backyard. The swing which we used to swing on. The one where I broke my arm. The cross planted over Spot, breaks my heart to look out there, knowing he's half way across the country. I miss the swinging of the door when you barge right in, demanding to see me. I miss you.

             Halle, please write back as quick as you can, I'll write soon. I'll even miss soccer practice for you.

Lots of Love,


The End

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