Snarls suck


Snarls suck. I have not been able to get rid of the smell. (I washed in crackleberries...the tiny, red "miracle washers" weren't very miraculous). Crag and Jak laughed at me. Snarls are hard to outrun.

They aren't exactly as dad described them. Snarls have four legs, not six. They’re feathery things about the size of your room, with hunched shoulders. Their feathers change color well enough to make them invisible in this dense, colorful jungle.

Worst of all, nasty blunt teeth. It takes them forever to eat you.

Make sure to study your wild beasts and lay of the lands well before being confirmed to fight. Jak knows the lay of this land and the animals in it well enough to outrun our enemies and to send every angry animal in their direction. 

Anything better happening with you? I know raiders rolled through the northern villages...was anyone taken? Make sure the cellar door opens. 



The End

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