June 29, 1961

June 29th, 1961

Dear Amberly,

I rather loathe you for making me go through with this whole charade. What were you thinking telling a poor fool like me to get lost for? Although, I should rather thank you for inspiring me to get properly lost. As I in fact do not know where I am. All I know is that it is hot, continues to be hot, and probably will forever be hot in this wretched dump of a town. 

The wretchedness of it all inspired me to send you a postcard yesterday. Please disregard the cryptic message I scribbled on it. I was having a passionate fit of misery and whiskey drinking at the time.  Moments like those are necessary in a man's life, you know.

Speaking of misery, how is your dear troll of a mother? Please do not forget to send my best wishes to her. And when I say best wishes, I mean a good old fashioned kick in the rear. If you don't feel obligated to do so, please feel free to employ someone else who is more than able. I would be happy to fund this cheerful endeavor.

Well, dearest Amberly, I hope you are having as much fun as I am not.

Best wishes,


The End

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