Letters To Amberly

It's the summer of 1961 and Neil Ginskey had just abandoned his life to hit the road and make his way as a writer in California. Heartbroken over a beautiful and naive rich girl named Amberly, he spends his journey writing her a series of snarky letters in a half-hearted attempt to spark jealousy and affection. What Neil does not realize is that he is in for a lot more trouble than he expected when his letters inspire more than he bargained for.

June 21st, 1961 

Dear Amberly,

I hope that you understand by now that you have made an utter fool of me. Last time I saw your pretty little face you snubbed me at the picnic and spent the rest of the afternoon giggling in the arms of Paul Vargaty...that square.

The way I see it Amberly, you cannot avoid the post. Therefore you cannot avoid me or my letters because they are delivered to your door. Whether or not you go to the door is up to you. I understand that wholeheartedly. Perhaps my persistence will eat away at you and you will eventually give in and read one of these.

Amberly, I wish you the best this summer. If it were up to me, you would be here, in this greasy roadside diner in God knows where. You would be sitting across from me, eating pancakes (I know how much you love them) and you would have a dab of whipped cream on your nose, but I wouldn't say anything.

To say the least, I have gone. I've busted out of that hellhole of snobs and am going to make my own way in life. Don't bother to write back. I won't be in any place for very long, but I will let you know when I am more stable.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. If my uncle comes around wondering where the Oldsmobile went, play dumb. Suggest some fictitious local robberies and leave it at that. Also, don't let on what I'm up to. It'll be a real fun game to watch him figure it out. You'll see.


The End

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