Letters To Alex - March 15

Letters To Alex
~March 15~

Dear Alex,

My dear Alex. I know you're real, that you exist outside my imagination. Alex, I need to tell you what happens in my life. Why you? It seems you're the only one I trust. No one else is trustworthy, except you.

Alex, it seems as if no one sees me. It's like I don't exist. I ask them a question, then they shake their head, like they're imagining my voice. I sometimes wonder if I am not real. It feels like it. And that question wanders in my mind all the time, "Am I?"

Everything in my life is weird. 

I just wish, I could bring you to me. Like with a rope, just pull you until I have no rope to grab on, and you stand in front of me. I want you to tell me things, I know you know the answers to my questions. I want you to share your confidence with me, you're always so sure of yourself. I need some of that, for right now I have none.

I just wish I could find you. Then everything will be right.

The End

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