January 11

Letters To A Wandering Soul,

I've been wondering how someone can be so unlucky as to have a series of unfortunate events occur to them; to have lost so many of their friends. Is that possible? To have nearly most of your friends die? I don't quite think so...it's a very unlikely event. And to have it happen so many times to just one person...very rare.

I wonder...maybe they are just putting a drama to get people's attention. Why would they stoop to a level such as that, using their friend's names to get people to pity themselves? Is there a reason behind it? There must be...no one would do something like that just for fun.

Is it a betrayal if a person's been lying to someone very close to them about that? Can it be considered wrong no matter the reason they do it for? It's upto a person to forgive them or not.

What decision would I take if this were true?


Your soul-searching spirit.

The End

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