January 10

Letter To A Wandering Soul,

When doubt crosses paths with friendship, it's one of the worst confusions anyone can feel. I've always been the one to think practical within my friends, spot what they're missing. But now I feel like a fool. I don't know who to believe, to go along with what my heart says or my brain's thoughts.

I don't want to be meddled with, played around with anymore...not again. And if all Taylor's said to me till now is some sort of drama...I really don't know what I'll do about it. But trust...trust keeps apparating in front of doubt. It keeps coming back and summoning the Patronus to ward of the dark cloacked demons of speculation.

But at the same time...the Patronus gets tired. She can't hold back all those gaunting thoughts that flow around her and confuse her. She's weak, and she gets weaker when she starts believing those thoughts.

Doubt, trust, and friendship. There's a lot more to it then anyone can imagine. You don't want to doubt your bestfriend because you trust them so much, but when so many things they have done and said have led you to this fate, what exactly can you do to shake it off?

Your past haunts you, getting fixed upon your sticky web of thoughts. You don't want to feel all those emotions again. That had hurt and scarred you, made you vulnerable. But yet, you continue to trust your friends, believing they won't betray you.

Where will it take you?

Or more specifically..

Where will it take me?


Your soul-searching spirit.

The End

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