January 29

Letters To A Wandering Soul,

It rained yesterday...and it looked amazing outside. Even though I hate the extreme humidity which is the "aftershock" of this gift of nature, I still loved how the droplets fell on all the roses and flowers in the garden of my home and gave birth to new life in the soil.

I almost fell like stepping into the rain and dancing and it's been such a long time since I felt any urge to do something "me-like". Nature has always been comforting to me and I found my share of inspiration yesterday.

Inspiration can come from anything right? From the light that wakes you up in the morning, from the smell of the wet grass underneath your feet, from watching a crysalis open and out comes a butterfly. It can come from anything...

And I find mine in nature...my train of thoughs lurch to a stop the moment something nature-like occurs...

I give myself away like I've never had before...

Inspirational Moments,

Your soul-searching spirit

The End

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