January 27

Letters To A Wandering Soul,

 I know it's only been a month or so since I met you but I've opened up to you so much. I never really knew that writing in this notebook would actually let me feel more...free, you could say, then I've felt before. It's a huge comfort to finally have opened my dam of feelings and let my words flow onto these shiny new papers.

I've always wondered, wandering soul, what you thought of all my problems. I always hoped that the next day, when I open this notebook, I'd have  a response back from you giving me your opinions on my situations. But no such thing happened. Will you ever share what you think of me? I wonder...

Have you ever had a one-sided relationship? One where you give so much but you get nothing back in return? Well I do have a few I could tell you about. So many times, I've given all of what my heart can possibly give, to my friends. And sometimes I get nothing back in return and my heart feels empty.

Out of all my friends, the only one who has given me plenty amount to keep my heart so full, almost to the verge of spilling, is Helena. Our five year old friendship had never stopped. Often I found her trying to get back in touch with me like I did with other friends (who gave no reply) and I was happy that she was trying to still continue our friendship. I felt quite comforted at this thought.

Helena and I do not have a one-sided relationship. We both contribute and we both give and get...and I'm happy to have her as a friend. I've never been able to express how thankful I am to her but one day I will...infact, maybe I can do so now...

Gift Of Old Friends

Have you ever had someone so close to your heart?

Someone who found their way through those little cracks in you,

Someone who was able to see you for who you are?

I do...

A five year old friendship I shall never forget

It might diminish now and then

But we shall start the flames again

And even if I don't, I know you will

Because that's the type of friend you are

The one who cares

The one who loves

And the one who gives me everything she can with all her heart

I know I'm not perfect

But you make me feel that way

With those comforting words you give me

When I'm feeling in so much dismay

How can I ever thank you, old friend?

Well I hope I've done my job.

And I hope you understand what I mean

Through this little poem

It might not be the best you've read

But atleast you'll know...I really mean it...

And I really love you sis...

With all of which I could give you,

Your soul-searching spirit

The End

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