Wasting Wishes and Chasing DreamsMature

Dear Soldier,

   In essence, life is very basic within its complication. Just as a math equation, it can often be broken down and simplified into something much more comprehensible. Something core and basic that repeats across various lives. In essence, life can be brought down to one core complication, one overriding obsession, shared by everyone. It runs rampant throughout existence, the only commonality between otherwise wildly various lives and people, ages and beliefs, customs and cultures. Through this conflict, this obsession, this goal, we are all the same. It is only the details heaped on top that bring us difference.

   We teenage girls are all the same. When the clock strikes 11:11 we all wish the same. We all share that same, pathetic sense. We all dream. So fervently, so hopefully...We all chase our dreams like rainbows until our feet bleed.

   Such am I with you.

   I wonder if anyone at all is capable of being an exception to this basic commonality, this obsession. Truly they must be a formidable person...or perhaps lack of this complication is not to be desired.

   What would life be without it, after all?

   So gladly I continue running. Gladly I throw away wish after wish for you. Gladly we all run, we all wish, because if we stopped...What would be left? A self-imposed torture...Without which we could not exist.

   Such is Love.

   Love, the mistress of fickle dream and fantasy, of rainbows and wishes and the endless pursuit.

   Such is the human course of life.

   Humanity is nothing without its ability to love, that one incomprehensible emotion to which so much care is given, for which so many pains taken. To understand, to grasp, to possess...Such is the human desire. Be it children, be it a lover, be it parents, be it siblings, be it friends.

   Love is what makes us all.

   But then, these are but the words of a hopeless romantic.

   I have seen little of this world, experienced little first-hand. In truth I know nothing. But I am one who is keen to feel, one who is aware of emotion above all else. Perhaps it comes naturally, hand-in-hand, with the desire to capture the world in written patterns of swirling words, flowing with the pulse of life. Perhaps it comes naturally to a girl who spends so much time thinking and reading. Perhaps it is some anomaly of my nature. However it stands, I am a firm believer in the power and importance of human emotion. All our logic is nothing without the brilliant, colorful flare of emotion to set it alight. We desire, we want, we feel. We are.

   Chief among these so potent forces is the emotion of Love, for it is such a combination of them all. There is joy there, pain there, hope there, despair there, anger there, acceptance there--even hate. All blend to create the irresistible force of Love: greatest invention of Man and Nature, the culmination of all.

   Such is the force that creates the current of Life, I believe. Such is the overriding commonality within us all, the conflict at the core of existence. Such is the thing we chase with such dedication, wish for so dutifully. Such is our hope and our deepest, truest dream. Such is the beauty of humanity.

   Such is your importance to me. Now do you begin to see why I can't let you go?


Yours. Always.

The End

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