Letters of WarMature

Jonathan Reeves is a field surgeon who was drafted into the Korean army in 1952. Through his experience's Jonathan sends letters to his father back home.

June 16,1952

Dear Dad, 

Sorry I haven't written sooner, but unfortunately the work really piles up around here. I've been in Korea, in the middle of a war for a week now, and I can already tell you that this is a doctors worst nightmare. The first thing you learn here is that wounded soldiers are in abundance, but being a field surgeon isn't as bad as I cut it out to be. I mean, if you know what your doing then the kids they call soldiers don't have to die... well... not today anyway. Aside from the war, the people I work with are great people. For example, there's this young doctor here his name's Casey Micheals. Great kid and gifted doctor. He's twenty-two, married, and has two kids to go home to after the war. He tells me he's from Washington, I don't doubt him he looks the big city type. Well, I better get some rest, you never know when the war will start up, and start dishing out it's daily quota of injured kids. I'll write you soon.


Jonathan Reeves.

The End

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