Special Birthday Guest

Dear Ravi,

Today was my neighbour’s daughter’s birthday. She had told me to bring a friend- preferably the big guy with the funny face (ha! She thought your face was funny) and the floppy dog. Sheena (my neighbour) told me that it wasn’t going to be very big because so many of her friends dropped out the minute they heard her daughter was involved. It sickens me how they could be so insensitive and mean. This is probably also why I was so happy when you played with Tanya- it reminded me that not all people are terrible.  So when I asked you at school, I was overjoyed that you agreed to come because not many would. I’ll admit though, when I realized you were coming, I dressed nicer and even wore some perfume.

I had gone early to help Sheena decorate and was surprised when the doorbell rang half an hour earlier that the first guests were expected. It should have come as no surprise when I opened the door and saw you standing there wearing a blue button-up and pants. You looked hot in a cute, nerdy way. Sheena smirked and asked me if this was funny face boy, but before I could respond, Tanya bounded down the stairs and threw her squealing self into your arms. You stumbled back in surprise, but managed to regain your balance and spun her in the air.  She giggled harder at that and Sheena smiled at me with tears in her eyes. The two of you were such a perfect picture I probably looked like a creep staring at you the way I was. You placed her on the ground and pulled out a packet of her favourite candies (you actually pay attention when I ramble?) from your pocket and gave it to her along with a stuffed teddy. She shrieked again and ran around the house bouncing with joy and then came back just to peck you on the cheek before she ran off again.  You blushed and gave me an embarrassed smile before quickly moving inside to where Sheena was.

I swear Ravi, sometimes you are just too cute.



The End

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