Explanations (Part Two)

...The story seemed pretty normal at first- bad tempered businessman dad who had no time for his only child and the loving, caring mom who stayed with him despite his wandering eye. It started slowly, but the long nights spent at the office increased and his temper worsened. There were times when your father stayed away for weeks at a time, claiming it was some impromptu business trip, but anyone with over two brain cells could’ve pieced together the real story. And your mother had. But she still stayed for your sake- she didn’t want you to go through a divorce process at an age where you would be easily swayed and influenced and she sacrificed her pride, her dignity to keep you happy. And you had no idea until that one fateful night. Your father had decided to bring one of his mistresses home. You were still awake and apparently so was your mother because she instantly started protesting. It was one thing to see other women outside, but to bring them home, especially when both she and their son were there? She couldn’t tolerate it. There were loud noises and you decided to investigate and crept downstairs and reached just in time to see him lash out at her. His other woman was still standing by the door simply watching him beat his wife. You didn’t understand what was going on. You walked into the living room calling out to your father, who promptly told the female to take you back while he ‘dealt with the situation’. You were dragged upstairs, the female canine’s claws cutting into your skin and locked inside your room. You were let out late the next morning by your mother, who had a bruised face and winced when she walked. That was the first time he’d beaten her and was obviously not going to be the last.

 It continued the same way for the next few weeks- he’d bring the girl home (yes, the very same one), beat up your mother, lock you up in your bedroom and proceed to do whatever that pathetic excuse of a life  did behind closed doors. Hopefully he was the type to be violent while procreating as well, because god knows the head of the gold-digger association deserved at least that bit of pain. Your mother always hoped that he would be done with her and everything would go back to normal soon enough, but then the next shocking thing happened- he let the conniving witch move into the house. So from flavour of the month, her status was bumped up to concubine. Your mother had no say in anything and was constantly berated and pushed around. The last straw was when you told your father you didn’t like the new lady and wanted to know why your mother kept getting hurt and he hit you- a hard slap to the face busting your lip. That was the day your mother found her courage to leave. She packed her things and yours and drove to the nearest train station and took a ride back to her parent’s house. With whatever money she had saved, she hired a lawyer and sent your father divorce papers.

 He was furious; how dare she walk away with his son, his heir. She was just some stupid wench he had got himself shackled to, to get a descendant; now that the job was fulfilled and he had a replacement, what was her use? So he signed the divorce papers, but had a very public and very humiliating trial for the custody agreements. He aired photos of your mother from her college years, when she was going through a very tough time and made statements about her unemployment and inability to do anything right. At twelve, you should have had a chance to choose who you wanted to stay with, but he made sure the jury knew about how much she blackmailed you and cheated on him (as if! That lying, no good…). But no matter how hard she tried, honesty couldn't hold a candle to his influence and money. She lost the case. You were handed to him under full custody and she was only allowed supervised visiting- that too only a limited amount a year, up until your fifteenth birthday.

 That was when you had had enough of living with him. Three years…I can’t even imagine what you had to have gone through then…At fifteen you decided to leave and move in with your mother. Your father hadn’t wanted that, of course, so you reached a compromise. You would stay in his house, but could visit your mother anytime you wished. And although this still didn’t explain what you were doing back here, or even why your father had apparently changed so much after the accident, it was enough for me.

 No matter what happens in the future Ravi, I’ll always be there for you…If you post my bail money after I go to prison for killing that atrocious creature (female by the loosest definitions). I’ll rip that bimbo’s fake extensions off the next time I see her. You'll get your revenge...With me on your side, she won't know what hit her!



The End

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