Explanations (Part One)

Dear Ravi,

Tracking a resourceful and very rich teenage boy when he doesn’t want to be found, is actually a lot easier that it sounds. You either follow the path of destruction he’s left for you to find, or go to his favourite eat out or work out place. So it came as no surprise when I found you at the park running track after your freak out during biology (we were talking about relationships…). I don’t know why you had such a violent reaction –was something worse going on at home or was it because of what happened yesterday? Either way, I was going to get you to talk to me, because if that incident was anything to go by, you couldn’t do this alone.

So I hunted you down and tackled you before you could start running again. You shrieked- yes, you shrieked and then fell down hard, taking me with you. You’d think it’d be harder to push you down with all the muscle you were packing… though to be honest, you felt like you’d lost weight…I know, it’s sort of impossible to do in under 24 hours, but I tackled you didn’t I? So you had to have become weaker…Or maybe that was just my ninja force acting up…Whatever it was, it worked and now you were under my control…muahahaha!! (Cue creepy evil smile…) That was until you rolled us over, so I was now at your mercy. You scowled at me but I scowled back and it must have looked horrible because you burst out laughing! I glare at you and the only thing you can do is laugh?! Though I guess it is better than you running off again, or yelling at the teacher or punching a wall...

Anyway, we were off the ground soon enough with me gasping and clutching my sides in pain (for a person so fit, you weigh quite a ton, geez…), and you bent over, clutching your sides laughing! Mock me some more would you! Here I was acting all concerned about your mental health (I think we’ve all agreed you have a brain…or some grey matter at least) and you were making fun of me. I huffed like I’d seen girls in some movie do and you finally gave me some attention. So naturally, being the screw up that I am, I just blurted out the question, killing any chance of getting an answer out of you. I cannot believe I just asked you about the divorce without any preamble or smooth-talking. Idiot! God, I’m a freaking idiot! Who does that?

But you interrupted my internal rambling by clearing your throat and despite the amused smile on your face, your eyes held this distinct sadness and a twinge of…regret?  Your hands were in your pockets and you turned, walking slowly away from the rest of the crowd (who were already quite far away) towards the canopy area. The prime area for scandals, it seemed slightly ironic that we were going to talk about the divorce. You soon stopped at the base of this large banyan tree that was far enough that we wouldn’t be seen or heard, but close enough to the path not to get lost. You took a deep breath and let out a sigh. There was a resigned smile on your face and as curious as I was, I didn’t want to make you say it if it hurt you that much. But you cut-off my protests and pulled me onto your lap- wrapping your arms around me tightly and then stated talking…

The End

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