Dear Ravi,

You didn’t come to school today and didn’t answer your phone either so I decided to risk another trip to the land of the rich (feel grateful buddy, I’m not looking forward to seeing Archibald Bond again). I took the bus home, got changed and walked over to your house. It probably only took about fifteen minutes, but my lack of fitness (or maybe it’s just the after effects of my gluttony) made it seem like walking forever, so I was a panting mess by the time I reached. Your mother’s car wasn’t in the driveway and neither was any other vehicle and from what I could see, the house was dark and empty. Huh. An impromptu trip without informing the girlfriend…well, what do you know, there’s something normal about you after all! Still, you so owe me for coming in to check on your lazy butt. But at least this way, I wouldn’t have to face the butler- lucky me!

So I went back home and was halfway through my homework (doing homework comes with the nerd label…and the fact that I have no life) when you called. I picked up, and before I could even get a word in you asked me if you could come over. Your voice was soft and honestly, it scared me. You sounded so sad and that’s probably why I told you I’d keep my window open. True to your word, you were there within ten minutes. You face was paler than usual and your eyes were red and slightly puffy. If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume that you’d been crying; but that’s not a possibility right, because there’s absolutely no reason for you to cry. And whatever was bothering you, you’d tell me about it, right? I could help you, or at least I’d try. But you didn’t say anything- you just hugged me tightly and pulled us both onto my bed. You buried your face in the crook of my neck and promptly went to sleep. How could you do that? I was practically hyperventilating with you beside me, in bed alone in the dark. But considering that you were already asleep, I figured I could sleep too and after some careful maneuvering, I shifted us both into comfortable positions and lay back down.


It was an awkward morning to say the least because for the first time in forever, my brother came in to wake me up and instantly jerked the covers off the bed and yelled out loud. Why did he choose today to bother me? And why was it only today that both my parents were at home and close enough to come running to my room? Gah! My dad decided to act all protective and started yelling and mom had this funny look on her face and all the while, you were still cutely asleep. I think my brother had enough of it because he finally pushed you off the bed while my dad pulled me off and then returned to yelling.

It took us quite a while, but we managed to convince them that nothing had happened- absolutely nothing. And then they carted us off to school, you wearing my brother’s old uniform. The entire time, I avoided eye contact. I mean, how much more embarrassing could that get? And there was still the fact that you didn’t tell me what happened last night. I know I’m not meant to push you, but I just want to find out. Is it wrong that I’m so curious? You seemed to think so because you stormed off after I asked you in physics and that was like three hours ago- where were you?

I didn’t see you for the rest of the day until PE, which we had last and you still seemed to be in a bad mood. I was slightly skittish around you because I didn’t want to upset you more, but I must’ve been more obvious than I thought because you just glared at me and walked out. Me, being who I am, naturally followed you to the parking lot and tried to get you to stop. I think it was a mistake asking you if you were okay because you growled at me and snarled about how perfect my life was. Excuse me, mister; my life is far from perfect.  I have absentee parents and a brother who couldn’t care less. I made sure to tell you that, but you scoffed and said at least my parents weren’t divorced.

Divorced? I must’ve let out a gasp because you paled as if just realizing what you said and sprinted out as fast as you could in some direction away from both our houses. I had no idea Ravi and I’m so sorry for pushing you to tell me. I’ll let you cool off a bit before talking to you again because it wouldn’t do anyone any good if I chased after you now.

P.S: Is this our first fight? I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling guilty and that’s all I can think about now. I’m so sorry I’m such a stupid girlfriend. I’ll become better- I promise.



The End

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