A Blast To The Past

Dear Ravi,

Last night was perfect; everything we did and what the date really meant, gosh, if I wasn’t sure of my love for you then, I sure as hell was now. I mean, in that one date you incorporated so many things, put so much thought into it…

Anyway, the date started when you drove us to the Fun World Fair. I’d always wanted to go, but for some reason, my parents never let me. They said that it was for children and that we never had the time. My brother however would have this weird expression on his face that I never bothered asking about (why would anyone want to know why their older brothers had weird expressions on their faces?).

We entered and you looked so at ease and so familiar with this place, almost as if you’d done this a thousand times before. You first dragged us to the roller coaster claiming that if I went on it after eating, I would be sure to throw up; regardless of the fact that I did not want to go hurtling through the course at break-neck speed with loops and drops, you were confident that I would enjoy it…and I did. After that we went to the Teacup- thing, the Ferris wheel, the smaller roller coaster and so many other rides before finally reaching the food stalls. There, you pointed to a table half covered by bushes and asked me to wait while you ordered and walked off. I didn’t want to simply stand in the middle and lose the table or my way in the crowd, so I did what you asked. You were back sooner than I had expected and you returned with huge servings of nachos, orange popcorn, bright blue cotton candy, and extra-large sodas. There was enough for an army of hungry pregnant women with cravings and you still seemed perfectly normal (not even a hair out of place to indicate that you might’ve hit your head somewhere!) But you just shrugged off my incredulous look and set a tray in front of me and told me to eat it. Imagine my surprise when a little while later I realized that I had indeed eaten everything in front of me without even realizing that I was eating- your conversation had distracted me you sneaky little….You laughed out loud and then just took us out of the fair and to the car and drove toward the Park.

The Park is the only nice one in our town. Everyone goes there either for the playground or the lake or just to walk and relax. It’s usually crowded, but there are some really amazing secluded spots that you’d only notice if you knew what to look for- like a break in a hedge, or a hidden wall. It’s actually a really cool place though I had no idea why you were taking me there. I voiced my thoughts but once again, you just smirked and stayed silent. Oh, I really wanted to smack that smirk off your face, but you had the car and the money and I didn’t want to have to walk all the way home at this time…

We got inside the park and made a beeline for the stores on the opposite side. It took us quite a while to get there but time and distance don't really matter when you are walking and laughing with someone special to you. On reaching there, we went to the candy store that sold the best candies known to mankind. There were at least a thousand different types and even more flavours. It was like waking into Willy Wonka’s dream world. Of course, the downside was that it was quite expensive, but you were paying, so who was I to refuse? Thirty minutes later and 500 rupees poorer, we trudged toward the children’s park with seven bags full of diabetes ensuring goodies.

And although I’ll never admit it to anyone, I was glad you brought me to the children's park. The swings and the slide- even the little girl that glared at you for taking her see-saw! It was the most fun I’d had in…ever. And I did tell you that last bit. The smile on your face was warm and, dare I say it, full of love? You gave me a big hug and took us to this small diner that looked like a place children would’ve liked going to and bought me a dish from the children’s menu. I’ll admit, I wasn’t very hungry so that was probably a smart choice.

As we sat in a secluded booth and just smiled at each other you held my hand and asked me what I thought of this date. I loved it and I’m sure my expression told you that much because you launched into a story of how we used to do the same thing as kinds at least once every month with our parents and then how later we’d have sleepovers and steal each other’s candy and prank my brother. You knew that my parents never let me do anything like this after the accident and wanted me to experience it again- only this time, we’d actually be together and there’d be no sleepover. I was crying at the end of that.

You wiped my tears joking about runny make-up and the witches of Macbeth and slowly drove me back home holding my hand all through the drive. You walked me to the door and suddenly, it was like the night just went too fast. We’d been out for hours, but it still felt like too little and I wanted more. You seemed to have the same idea because you leaned in slowly, giving me a change to move away before finally claiming my first kiss; it was magical. Sure, there were no Disney sparks or electricity shooting between us, nut something about it just felt right- like we were meant to be together, and that was all I needed. You pecked my lips once  more before turning and getting into your car, leaving only after I’d shut my door and was safely inside.

You are the single most thoughtful person I know and I’ll forever be grateful for everything you’d done- today and before. You gave me a bit of my past, a memory I’d lost and you did it in the most fantastic way. Even if we don’t last Ravi, this is one day I’ll never, ever be able to forget.



The End

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