The Long Wait And Preparations

Dear Ravi,

Why does time go so slowly when you’re impatiently tapping your foot waiting for the last few minutes of class to get over? And why is it that when one thing goes wrong, everything else follows suit? I was absolutely knackered at the end of the day and you hadn't told me where we were going or when you were picking me up. I was annoyed and grumpy and the world hates me because today was one of those days when there was so much traffic on the road I could see snails waving as they sped past us. It’s bad enough that I have to use the bus and endure the normal thirty minutes that I am forced to spend with creepy kid next to me, but add another thirty? I’m going to die! Especially if the annoying guy next to me doesn’t shut up or stop bobbing his head to music only he can hear...He doesn't even have on earphones! I swear, if he turns around and smiles at me one more time, he’s going to go home missing another one of his yellow teeth…Even Barbossa’s teeth look cleaner. But if I thought that was bad, then I had another thing coming. I made the mistake of turning around to tell the person behind me to stop kicking my seat when he threw a spitball at my face and had the audacity to wink at me! He winked! I didn’t know what was worse- having a guy with a dead man’s teeth smiling at me or a guy with a serious case of Spattergroit winking…Either way, I was the one stuck between the two with no way to leave for the next 40 minutes. You should consider yourself lucky if you even recognize me after this…

But I as proved wrong pretty soon when they started playing this game with cards…Blackjack? Whatever it was, it was fairly simple and at the end of the drive I had won enough money to buy me chips to last another month! Yay! The guys were actually pretty cool once you get past the teeth and the acne/freckles stuff…Guess I’ll never judge a book by its cover again, or a person by their appearance anyway….You know, now that I think about it, Alia does look smart- until she says something stupid like: The south pole is in the south, so it should be warm, right? No kidding, our geography teacher nearly had a fit and sent her to a grade six classroom…Hah…That was funny day…

Back to important stuff; I completely panicked when I reached home because I had nothing to wear. And I mean nothing! My room was locked and nobody else was home! I’m so going to kill my brother for this. I know he had something to with this. Ignore me for 7 years and then lock me out of my room on my first date? Urgh! So I had two options- either wait for you looking like a teenage mutant ninja psycho animal in a scruffy, smelly, school uniform or use the dreaded box that should not be opened. It was a pretty easy choice to make once I looked in a mirror though…

So I trudged down the hall and into my mother’s room- yes I am allowed in there, but only on special occasions, none of which have occurred yet, but I guess there’s a first time for everything right? So maybe this’ll be the first time I wear a dress and not fall or flash anyone! Yeah…That’s it! I’ll be extra careful not to have a wardrobe malfunction…

You might have guessed it already, but I am not a dress person. The first time I wore one, it was pink and I fell into horse manure- don’t even ask me how long it took to get the stuff out my hair…The second time, it ripped at the back when I bent because daddy dearest had bought something two sizes too small! The next time…well, you get the idea. Now however, I had no choice and was determined not to let that measly piece of fabric win! This time was my time…It wasn’t another aunt’s wedding or some snobby little kid’s birthday party- it was my first date and I was going to make it work…or so I thought.

Thirty minutes later and I’ve still got nothing on! It’s either too short or too tight or too pink and glittery. Who even wears pink glitter? Nobody wants to look like Barbie barf! It was getting too tiring and I was losing hope, when suddenly, I found it. Or well, it found me, because I fell flat on my face tripping on it. But anyway, the fact was that I had found it! It was black (obviously) and had shimmery silver designs on it and looked awesome! Stylish and comfortable because it fight right and came up to my knees.

The next bit was the makeup. The most crucial part because you had to wear some, but make it look like you’re not wearing any. The colours had to be right and the amount as well. Nobody wants to look like Lindsay Lohan on a bad day…That took the better part of an hour and it was nearing six. The only thing left was my hair. But that was easy because I knew a bunch of cool braids. Everybody loves braids because they turn trashy hair classy in minutes!

I was finally ready and all I had to do now was wait…and wait…and wait…because I’d been waiting for nearly an hour and you weren’t here yet! I really thought you were going to stand me up even though I’d been waiting at home, when the doorbell rang….

It was the pizza guy! But you were standing right behind him with a flower in your hand. You awkwardly waited until my brother (where was he all this time?) paid the bill and shut the door…in our faces. The obnoxious pig! I was quickly brought out of my internal fuming by the clearing of your throat as you gave me the flower with a blush on your face. You’re lucky it was almost dark so it wasn’t that noticeable, but I saw it anyway…You looked like the flower...

You then made a broad sweeping gesture to your car, where…surprise, surprise- your mom was in the driver’s seat and scratched your neck before motioning for me to get inside. It was funny, but really weird because your mother kept glancing at the mirror and smirking as we drove until she pulled over and walked out. Who does that? Guess we now chaperone less, huh.

You smiled apologetically at me and swatted your mother’s hands away from your face and started driving- after making sure she was not in the way first because we would never think of running her over…never.

Anyway, now that the hard bit was over, we could relax, or you could anyway, I was still nervous and play some music on the serene drive to you know where…Because you do know where we're going I'm assuming...If I die Ravi, I'll come back to haunt you!

Well, seems like our date had officially begun.



The End

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