Chocolate Surprise

Dear Ravi,

I woke up with a smile this morning; partly because you’d already forgiven me and partly because I’d figured out the perfect way to apologize. It was quite clever actually, if I do say so myself. Of course, I had to wake up early and do some sneaking in, but no pain, no gain, right? And although I did wake up later than planned and might have already used a part of your gift (for a good reason), it’s the fact that I tried and managed to do it that counts; the rest is just technicalities that don’t matter. Right now the only thing is for you to see it and (hopefully) appreciate it. I only hope I didn’t cross any lines during this apology attempt. I mean, breaking open your desk is normal right? And so is putting stuff in it?

Besides, even if you do get creeped out, this is one apology I guarantee you will not be able to refuse; unless of course you hate chocolates, but that’s not even a possibility. Right? Either way, it was too late to make any changes because you had just sauntered in and were moving to your desk. All along I had planned on what I’d tell you once you saw it but suddenly I was afraid. I didn’t want to see your reaction and get crushed.  I’m not usually so pessimistic, but love does strange things to people. Anyway, in between my mental rambling, you had opened your desk and there was absolute silence in the classroom as everybody just stared at what was inside: the words ‘I’m sorry’ written with chocolate bars (still in the wrapper, because I figured you’d want to eat them) and a picture of a really sad puppy with big brown eyes waiting for forgiveness. You looked shocked and maybe a little happy if the amused smile that crossed your face was anything to go by.

I was a little disappointed that you didn’t bother turning around to say something or to even look at me, but I guess I shouldn’t have kept my hopes that high. At the end of the period when I moved to get out along with the rest of the crowd, you grabbed my elbow and dragged me back. I was a little apprehensive and wondered what you were going to say, but the large grin on your face made my fears vanish. We just stared at each other for a moment before you pulled me into a bear hug. It lasted for a few seconds but only because I didn’t know if the breathlessness I was feeling was because you’d actually hugged me or the fact that you were crushing my windpipe. I had to push you off and the pout on your face was quite funny- nearly like the puppy if you ignore your 6 foot height and all the muscle you were packing…

We left for our classes after that, but I’m pretty sure I had a dopey smile on my face for the rest of the day. And I’m also sure it only grew bigger when you decided to sit with me again at lunch and ignore the whole ‘it’ gang. Ah…the look on Alia’s face made me want to dance…or sing…but since I can’t do either, I decided to just gloat in my mind.


It was nearing six when you knocked on my door and asked if you could talk to me. My brother, being the absentee that he is, paled a few shades when he saw you. But he recovered quickly and asked how you were feeling. Figures- he cared more about the neighbour than he did his sister. I don’t know why that still hurt because I should’ve been used to it.

Anyway, once he got the pleasantries done with he pointed in the direction of my room and proceeded to walk away. What normal older brother lets a hormonal teenage guy into their sister’s bedroom? I guess I should consider myself lucky that he’s not one of those psycho ones who follow their siblings’ every move, but I’d prefer that to this constant state of absence. I don’t even know him anymore… But enough of that. Self-pity will never get anyone anywhere.

It was only when I heard your footsteps thumping up the stairs that I realized I was still perched by the railings almost in plain sight. I quickly ran as quietly as I could and struck an unassuming, innocent pose on the bed. It was mere seconds after that that you walked in. You had an amused look on your face and nearly burst into laughter when you held up a slipper that had come off in my haste to get away; it wasn’t just any slipper though. No, it was those ridiculously embarrassing fluffy bunny ones that I only wore with my ducky pajamas! Why did you have to come over today? Gosh, I feel humiliated. The only thing left would be for you to realize that I’d spied on your conversation with my brother. Of course, fate has it out for me because you said, “I think you dropped this while making your escape, Cinderella.” Oh, I wish the ground would just open up and swallow me.

It was your laughter that eventually made me remove my hands from in front of my face. I figured, if you could come into my bedroom uninvited and laugh at me, then I could kick you out. So I proceeded to do just that, when you handed me a candy bar (that looked suspiciously like the one I put inside your desk) and told me to keep my evening free tomorrow (yea ‘cuz I had so many friends to talk to and things to do) because you were taking me out.

That’s it. No romance, no proper setting; you just flat out told me to be free. Although you did have a blush on your cheeks and you walked out the minute you completed the sentence…It was cute, I guess, in an ‘I like you but I don’t know how to be romantic’ way?

Regardless, I let out a loud squeal and flopped onto my bed. Ducks and bunnies be damned! I was going on a date tomorrow- the first in all my sixteen years of existence and I was going to make sure I looked good.

I finally had something to look forward to.



The End

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