Fruits of Curiosity

Dear Ravi,

 Today I confronted my parents and they revealed nothing. I’m not surprised; a doctor and a lawyer-they have to be good at hiding things, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I waited till everyone was at work and tip-toed up to the attic (I have wicked ninja skills) - a place that was strictly out of bounds. Of course, my stealth- mode failed when I let out a big sneeze after opening the trap door, but there was nobody at home to catch me anyway.

 I picked my way through boxes and reached the wall farthest from the door (because that’s where the most important things always are) and started looking through boxes. All of it was quite normal until I reached one box titled ‘Annika Before’. Naturally after seeing my name on an ominous box my first instinct is to open it and so I did. A lot of scenarios flew through my mind in those few seconds, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next.

 There, nestled among albums and other stuff, was a photograph- very old by the looks of it. But that wasn’t what caught my attention. It was what was in the picture that did. There were two people, they looked about six years old and had their arms around each other and were smiling widely at the camera. One had soft brown locks and the other, my pitch black hair. The picture would’ve been overlooked, if it wasn’t for the fact that I recognized them. One was a face that resembled the one I saw every time I looked in the mirror and the other, was you.

 Stunned, I flopped onto the floor and tried to think of my childhood days. Think of the times when I might have known you, but I came up blank- like absolutely blank. I couldn’t remember anything- no flashes of colour or vaguely familiar sounds, nothing. It was as if my past never existed in my mind. That might have normal, if my first memory had not included white lights and pale green walls- a hospital. I was beyond freaked out. I was mad, scared and absolutely confused.

 I picked up the box and trudged down the stairs to my room, deciding to look through everything before facing my parents in the evening.

 Apparently, curiosity does not make time fly, because it was going to be a really long wait.



The End

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