Sunrise Mysteries

Dear Ravi,

 You threw rocks at my mother’s window at four am. My mother works night shifts at the hospital and her getting any sleep is a miracle. So when you disturbed her in your attempt to secretly lure me outside, she threw me out herself! Of course, while you may view this as a good thing, I knew that when I got back, my lawyer father would question me like he does at court. But that’s nothing new either- anyone that is not my perfect brother cannot be trusted enough, or in my case, at all.

 But as unnerving as it was that my mom let me out without any question when I mentioned your name, I forgot all about it when we started the drive. We drove for quite a long time before you parked at the side of a hill that I recognized from a picture on your desk and told me to get out. For one scary second I thought you were going to leave me there, but you grabbed my hand and pulled me along. As cliché as it sounds, our hands fit perfectly. My stomach filled with butterflies and I kept my mouth shut in fear of them flying out.

 You took us to the very top and found a secluded spot and sat us down on a blanket. While we waited you played with my hair and had a pink tinge on your cheeks when I smiled. I was getting tired of simply sitting as fun as it was, when you suddenly grabbed my hand and pointed at the crest of a higher hill. We were watching the sun rise. It was pink and orange, yellow, red, it was so beautiful. All through it I sat with my head resting on your chest letting your steady heart beat lull me back to sleep.

 I woke up as we were pulling into a diner. It was one of those cozy little hole in the wall places that one wouldn’t usually enter. But my day so far had been amazing so I was sure you wouldn’t let me down; and I was right. We ordered a full English breakfast- one for each of us and you watched with unhidden amazement as I ate everything on the plate and downed the entire glass of OJ in a single gulp. I waited for the gasp of disgust, but you just chuckled and said you liked a girl who could eat. 

 I don’t think I’ve ever smiled that broadly…or turned that red. I probably resembled the tomato on your plate, but for once, I didn’t care. You made me think of myself Ravi and not worry about anyone else’s opinions about me. Is it possible to fall any deeper?

You dropped me home after we took a round in your mom’s car- don’t know how she let you drive without a license, but I wasn’t complaining. It would be rather awkward with your mother driving, wouldn’t it.  

 Anyway, it was just as I entered and saw my father that I remembered what I had been meaning to ask you about- your connection to my parents. They seemed to know you quite well and my father didn’t bother to interrogate me like he usually does whenever I come home. There’s definitely something deeper going on and I have a feeling I’m the only one who doesn’t know anything about it.



The End

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