Lunch and a Show

Dear Ravi,

 Today you came up to my empty spot in the cafeteria and said that you didn’t think it was fair that I had an entire table to myself, and sat down. It’s safe to say that that move turned more than a few heads in our direction.

 Her majesty Alia decided to honour us with her presence and enlightened you in a not so polite way of the consequences that came with associating with me. You just shrugged her off and told her that life was short- why waste it by killing brain cells because that’s exactly what would happen if you sat with her. And her face- oh, it looked like steam could come out of her ears if she got any madder! But you just turned around and pointedly ignored her and waited till she stomped away! The entire cafeteria was watching, but you just continued with our conversation as if nothing happened. I can only wish I was as brave as you.

 I never thought I’d find my prince charming in high school or imagine him as a knight in dirty uniform, but here you are.  You saved me and made me happy; but I still don’t know why. You Ravi are one mystery I am definitely going to enjoy solving.




The End

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