Stalker in Red

Dear Ravi,

I think you’re stalking me.

I went to the library today to clear my thoughts and well, borrow books, but when I picked up one of my favourites, there you were, reaching for it too! I didn’t peg you for a Lord of the Rings fan, but unsurprisingly, you said you were. So I decided to test that theory and asked you to name one Hobbit- you couldn’t.  But you were so flustered and your face turned the most adorable pink, so I forgave you.

It was then that I noticed your school bag full of homework. You gestured to it and asked me to help. I thought you needed help understanding it, so I agreed. If I had known that the only thing you needed was someone to keep pushing you until you did it, I would have brought a blindfold to hide your cute puppy dog face from my eyes. You took more breaks than I would on a sugar rush! It took forever to complete everything, but the satisfied smile you wore somehow made it all worth it.

 You walked me to the door of the library and made a mad dash toward a bright red car; don’t think I didn’t notice your mother in the driver’s seat because I did. It was so cute- how you tried to appear manly and not have anyone see that your mom drove you to the places you wanted to go.

You made my day brighter by letting me help you do your homework. You Ravi are one of a kind. I think I might be falling, but it’s too soon to tell…I think.





The End

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