Project Different

Dear Ravi,

Today we were assigned a project in biology. It was a group project, so naturally, I sat at the back expecting to do it on my own when you approached me. I ignored you at first hoping you would go away because I’d never had to talk to anyone before, just observe from afar.  So when you sat down without any announcement, I was scared.  But you didn’t seem bothered by it at all; you just smiled reassuringly and patted my shoulder (like I was a puppy).

We spoke little throughout the class. Your voice was velvety and deep like hot chocolate, and I sounded like mouse on drugs: squeaky and uncoordinated. But you’d thrown me off with your knowledge and apparent capability to understand what the other cool people didn’t. 

When class ended, I got up from my seat and practically ran out of the room, but you stopped me and asked me if I was okay. I only managed a single nod, but you smiled all the same.

 You were the most different person I had ever met and for some reason, I was looking for a flaw; something to make you seem more human, and less impossible.



The End

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