At First Sight

A shy high school girl has a crush on the new boy in school. Afraid to approach him, she writes to him in a diary. This story centres around her days in school as written in the diary.

Dear Ravi,

Today was your first day at school. I saw you standing alone by the entrance looking adorably confused. If I was anybody else, I would have come to you and asked you what you needed; but I didn’t, because I’m shy, inexperienced and a social outcast. I didn’t want to ruin your chances at this school before you even got started. So I watched silently from the shadows as Alia, the most popular girl in our grade, grabbed you and took you to our class…

 You sat with them at lunch today- the populars; the loudest, most boisterous table in the lunch hall and you were at the centre, looking right at home. I thought I was wrong in thinking you were different, but right then you looked at me and caught my eye. You didn’t wave, or say hi, but as you turned, I swear I could see just a hint of a smile playing at your lips and I was hooked.

You were the first person to have smiled at me- genuinely smiled at me in a really long time. And that made me happy.



The End

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