Letter's of a Runaway

annabelle, a lost girl, unwillingly comes back after running away for two year reuniting with an old friend that she doesn't know about. soon after she realizes who he is, he tries pushing her away but not willingly.
filled with love, drama and gangs... there is to much to handle during senior year.


It all started back in the last year of middle school. Mrs. Fritz, our English teacher, assigned us a stupid pen pal project.

I say it stupid because the ‘pen pals’ were someone in our class, whether it be a girl or a boy… not some foreign student from some other country. This assignment was to show that we do know how to spell properly and teach us that snail mail is useful. (I personally thought she assigned it because she was sick of us using spell check.)

The project went on as planned and our partners, who were anonymous, would write us and we had to write back.  This worked by handing in the letters to our teacher after we were finished writing them, and at least it wasn’t so lame because we could talk about whatever we wanted.

This assignment really didn’t do me much until the moments were I felt alone. Being an average American girl from the richer part of Seattle was easy… but let’s say my life wasn’t so average.

Back then, I wasn’t skinny and I wasn’t fat either, you could say I was just above average. And life did really suck when your sister is the head cheerleader in the school and only 11 months older. And being me, I was considered a loser because my family was lower class (apparently that didn’t count for my sister because she’s popular) and because I was a nerd.

For me making friends wasn’t so easy. I got bullied a lot, even from my sister, I soon found myself venting to my ‘pen pal.’ In fact it turned out that they were a good listener…or reader? It turned out their life wasn’t so pretty either. Soon I realize that having an anonymous friend to share your secrets with was much easier than a ‘true’ friend and I didn’t have to turn to soccer or my dad to let out all my stress.

Even after the project was over we continued to write each other, exchanging anonymously made emails to continue throughout the summers and high school. Soon enough they find out who I am, which I have no idea how since I tried really hard to keep it a secret, but they only confessed that they were a male. We continued to continue with our lives but the writing became more intense and frequent. In school I was starting to get known for my soccer abilities; or that’s what he tells me.

But in the summer of sophomore year, my life turned completely upside down. 

The End

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