From Yuri/16 August, 2004

[Tight script handwritten on toilet paper square, both sides]


I write this toilet square. Is my fist I show. Paper weighs more. I will not waste return fuel because Mission orders paper comms. Control cannot dismiss me here.

PAPER LETTERS. Also 250 kilos rock Stokes must send. Mission wants so show world we are here.

Here is night now. Also 14 Earth days' LOS. No early signal re-acquisition if Control cannot boost orbiter altitude.

I am here, I must do it, I argued with Control. LOS in 9-minutes-50. Control said orbiter manoeuvre not my task.

I tell you Control tasked the flight computer with our touchdown here. Monitor flight systems, that was my monumental task. Louise says she wanted me, best from 6 good pilots. I breathe, I eat, I stare at Liu like I'm schoolboy. Don't know why I'm here.

But now I laugh. Paper letters, also 250 kilos rock, returns on Mission's skinny bird. I stripped supply bird. O2. CO2 scrubbers. Batteries. Fuel reserve. Bad boy, Mission will say. Control will say.

Is precaution. Still we have not enough fuel. If emergency here, we go. But we must leave 1 body.

Base systems OK minimal. Is not catastrophe.

Say nothing to my sister. Say I am where I must be.


The End

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