Letters from the Other Side

These are letters from people famous and not-so-famous who have already crossed to the other side. They write from heaven, from hell, from Nirvana or the nether land, or from whatever unknown country awaits the departed.

To Those Still Breathing Earth's Air,

Take heart and know that there is still something to come.   I know not where others have journeyed in that last final stride, but I have landed on a shore of a most beautiful country.  Beyond the sandy shore, the land rises into forested virgin hillsides, and beyond the hills, even greater mountains.

The air is cool here, and even more pristine than it is cool.  The air has that savory scent of of a perpetual autumn, all things in the bounty of a harvest on the verge of coming home.

The waters of the many streams are filled with the sound of whispering laughter as the mountain waters dance over the rocky shallows.  The lakes are clear and deep, rippling with the movement of fish, bass, trout, perch and brim.  From time to time, flocks of ducks and geese make their visit, bringing with them their raucous chatter and their splashes of feathery color.

My cabin is almost of the earth itself, old timbers, well-seasoned, warmed into a richness by the smoke of a thousand oak stoked fires.  My cabin has the feel of peace, a peace that will never run away and these distant woods in which I now make my days, they have the feel of the way the earth was meant to be.

Waiting here by the whispering waters, waiting here for you,


The RiverTalker




The End

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