I don't think I need to tell any of you here how special Charlie really was. He changed my life for the better, touched my heart, touched my soul, and dragged me through some of the darkest times of my life with only his smile and the phrase 'Chin up Chickatee.'

I remember the times when we used to go swimming, go for walks in the forest, when we used to play football on the beach. The times that Charlie made me laugh, and the times that he held me up and let me use his shoulder to cry on.

People like Charlie are rare, and instead of mourning his loss, he would want us to be happy, and cherish the memories that we have of him. I for one am going to remember each and every single moment of my life that I spent with him. He was such a good person, always with a smile on his face, always ready to offer hugs and cuddles to those in need of them.

I remember falling once and smacking my elbow off the path. It was bruised and grazed and I had tears trickling from my eyes. Charlie picked me up and brought me back to the house, cleaned up my cuts and told me jokes to make me laugh. He never once complained, never once made me feel like I was a nuisance, even though many of my friends said that I was being one.

Charlie Fitzpatrick was like a brother to me. He was there for me all the time, when I was having boyfriend trouble, when I was having trouble with school, he never let me give up believing in myself, and for that, I want to say thank you Charlie. You gave me faith and confidence in myself that I never knew I had. You held me up and made me strong and I don't know what I'm going to do without you.

The End

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