Letter No 7

Dear Charlie,

Happy 2011....I wish you could have been there to ring in the new year with me....

It's my birthday on Sunday. It feels weird that you wont be there. I'm still thinking 'I must tell Charlie....' from time to time, and then realising that I cant.

I was looking through old photographs the other day and I found one of you and me hanging upside down by our legs from a tree and laughing. It send a stab of pain through my heart. I missed you so much!

I've grown up in the past while....
I've come to accept the fact that no matter what I do, you aren't going to come back to me. It's me that must come to you...but only when the time is right.
I know it's not up to either of us when we meet again, and under the circumstances, I don't want to rush into a reunion.
We will meet again, I'm sure of it. We're too closely tied to never see each other after this.

You've taught me so much Charlie. We laughed together, cried together, and then when you died, I thought you had left me behind...but in truth you were stopped in your tracks and I was the one that left you behind.

I have finally learned to open my heart to people again, to allow friends to get close to me, and I learned how to truly fall in love.

You will never be forgotten my dearest friend, and I will treasure the memories of you until the day comes when we can make new ones.

I will always hold you in a special place in my heart Charlie, but now is the time that I truly let go.

All my love,



The End

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