Letter No.6

Dear Charlie,

It's been a while.

I no longer know what to say to you. It's not that I don't have anything to say, more that I can't possibly say the things that I want to with mere words.

If I could hug you maybe you could feel my happiness right now with life. The way things are going so well for me.

Are you lonely Charlie? It never occurred to me that while I have everyone around me still, you could be on your own.

Remember I told you about Danny?

Well  me and Danny are officially an item the past month and a bit. I just thought I'd tell you. He makes me feel alive again. I feel like I can do anything when I'm with him. Take on any challenge.

I'm also running for First Year Representative in my college. I'm becoming a real big girl now Charlie, I'm taking on the challenges of the world.

I got my first laser card last Friday. It was probably a mistake for someone like me to get a laser card but you know, it's just so much handier then carrying around a load of cash.

I finally drove a bike again after all these years. It scared the hell out of me. When I finally got off and pulled off my helmet, I realised there were tears streaming down my face.

Charlie you mean more then worlds to me. You always will. But I have to move on and this is just not the way forward for me.

Every year I promise you I'll visit. I promise I'll do the things you asked me to do. I promise not to forget you.

But I can't promise that I won't cry, and I can't promise that I will always be thinking of you every second of the day. Because I need to continue on, I need to be happy and cheerful the way I used to be. And even though I love you so much and treasure every single memory I have with you, I can't live my life in the past.

This is the last letter that I will write to you for now. I've been putting it off for too long but it has to be done.

I love you so much Charlie and I miss you.


The End

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