The nothingness slid over Lucy's head, like a burlap sack imprinted with "GRAIN" in faded black lettering. It however, did not feel coarse, or reek of a dank storage shed.

  It muted all sound, dampened any smell and left no need for sight.

   Lucy awoke. Or at least awoke in her brain. Her eyelids did not follow her nervous system's command to open. Or maybe they did, but Lucy couldn't tell. There was no difference looking into the nothingness, than looking into her own eyelids, not the slightest.

  She felt the pain shoot up her spine and ricochet around her skull, but couldn't remember how she'd come to injure herself. She didn't seem to care either.

   And this worried her.

   Lucy planted her hands firmly on the hardwood floor at the bottom of her staircase. The slight edges to the wooden planks bit at her fingers, and Lucy inhaled, but could not smell the pungent wood polish she'd used the previous afternoon to buff up the lower floor of her house.

  She inhaled again, deeper this time, but could not smell anything. Lucy felt her brow furrow in confusion.

  However, her mouth did not turndown, nor did she begin to tremble with panic. The nothingness had sunk deeper as Lucy had investigated herself, and her surroundings. Even her earlier worries of how she had ended up sprawled on the ground at the foot of her stairs with pain shooting every which way had slowly been diminishing.

  The nothingness had not only started to take her senses, but had also begun it's path towards a more rewarding endeavor.

  The nothing muffled Lucy's scream as she felt the nothingness creeping further into her, and the slight prodding as it entered her mind.

  Again, Lucy fainted away from her awakened state.

The End

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