Opening Nothing

            The cut came swift and maddeningly, ruining the perfection of the stark white square. It was severed at the top, and remained a pocket of presumed emptiness.

            The edge she had sliced was lined with folded paper teeth, asymmetrical and jagged. It finally had a mouth. And for a moment, Lucy expected it to lunge from her fingers and clamp down its papery jaws upon her.

            Depressing the sides, the envelope grinned open. To the eye, it was bare.

            Lucy saw the nothing.

            And the nothing saw her.

            She sighed, as if something great and ponderous had come to an end. And for a breathless moment, she stared at the bare bottom of the envelope.

            A tiny sparkle scintillated in the dim light of her front hall, from the depths of the envelope.

            She blinked. Am I imagining things?

            For a long moment, Lucy forgot to breathe. She just stared down at the opened envelope in her hands. And the nothing ceased to sparkle.

            And then she inhaled. The nothing burned her throat and lungs, as it had taken subtle flight in the air. It was in her clothes, in her hair, and in her...

            The eyes of Lucy Caldwell rolled into the back of her head. She let out a last frightful gasp, and collapsed upon the foot of her stairs.

The End

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