The River

I glanced at my watch, trying not to think about what just happened. 1 PM. My curfew was at 10 PM, so I had 9 hours to kill. I sighed, and took out my phone to ring a few friends - well, one friend. As the familiar, almost 8-bit beep drilled its way into my head, I began walking down to the river, to the families laughing, couples talking and waves rippling. 

"Good afternoon, Miss Turner." A voice flowed into my ear. I grinned, instantly recognising it.

"And to you. Are you doing anything today?" 

"I'm not, no. River in ten?" 

"I'm already here, come when you want."

"Oh, organised today, aren't we? I'll be there in five." My best friend, Tom, hung up. I chuckled to myself at our conversation and pulled out my cable rat king of headphones. Oh, the endless fun of untangling wires. I tugged and pulled at them just enough to plug them in and have a decent length of wire to my ears, then pressed shuffle. I then proceeded to skip every song until the one I wanted came on: logical, I know. I sat down on the small ledge overhanging the river, took my shoes and socks off and dangled my ankles in the cool water. 

I looked around, trying to take in everything I could. The way the light hit the water, giving it a hypnotic silver shimmer; the contrast of blue sky, green trees and various shades of pink and purple worn by children; the children themselves, how they were completely oblivious to almost everything around them. I guess when you're a kid, the world you live in is small; you don't know many people or places, and you have no need to be concerned for anyone else when people are concerned for you. Life's so much easier as a kid. 

I turned my attention back to the water, loosing myself in its beauty. Before I knew it, my mind was back on the mysterious boy. Who was he? I mean, not to sound too pretentious, but this is a small town where everybody knows everybody and no matter how hard I racked my brain, I couldn't remember ever seeing his face. But it's not just that. The way he looked at me was nothing like I'd ever seen before. Confusion, definitely, but mixed with excitement, happiness, like he was really pleased to see me after searching for me for years, but not entirely sure why he was so happy. Like a soldier becoming unsure why they are fighting in something they, themselves signed up for. But added to this was curiosity, the rare childlike kind that only arises in truly remarkable moments. And trust me, I'm not remarkable. 

But before I could delve deeper, I sensed someone stood behind me. Knowing it was Tom, I tilted my head back and grinned at his upside down face above me. "Evening." I said, as he sat down next to me.

"Morning." He replied, "How are you?"

"I'm great thanks, I have something to tell you." I smiled.

"Ooh, do go on!"

"So I was putting a note down earlier, and when I turned back there was this guy staring at me," Tom's mouth dropped open and I could see him drawing air to say something. "Wait, there's more. I've never seen him before, and the way he looked at me was really weird..." I trailed off.

"Was he hot?" 


"Then you are most definitely hallucinating. Come on, you need caffeine. Starbucks?"

I laughed but said no more, then put  my socks and shoes on and followed him up into town. 

The End

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