Letter to Mary

Dear Mary,

Your parents have told me that you're in a good place, surrounded by new friends. The reason they know this, is because they have spoken to you. Or so they claim. I'm really worried about them, sweetheart. I think they're losing it, but who can blame them? 

I might be losing it as well, my dear niece. I am writing a letter to you after all. A letter which you will never receive since you are no longer among us. Oh sweetheart, if you do somehow get this, come and talk to me as well, will you? We all miss you deeply. 

Your Aunt Donna, 44 years old, New York, USA

Author's note: A crossover from my story Diary of a Dead Girl (http://www.protagonize.com/story/diary-of-a-dead-girl/) 

Might do more crossover letters in the future

The End

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