Letter in a Bottle

Dear reader,

If you are reading this, it means you have found my bottle. The date today is May first, 2014. I think it'd be pretty amazing if you are reading this from the far future. Then again, you wouldn't be able to send a reply, which would be a shame.

Where did my letter end up in? And if you are reading this in the future, how are things like? Keep in mind that if you're reading this a hundred years from now, it wouldn't do much to reply to my questions. Though maybe it'd be fun for my children or even grandchildren to read. God, I don't even have children yet! It's so weird to already think about grandchildren. I wonder what they're like. Who knows, you dear reader, could even be one of my grandchildren! How exciting.

Gabriela, 21 years old, São Paulo, Brazil

Author's note: The request from last 'chapter' still stands. If you have a request for a letter, let me know :)

The End

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