Letter to the past

Greetings from the future!

I have no idea what year it is, maybe it's B.C. and you, the lucky fellow who found this letter, can't even read yet... Bummer.
Or maybe you live in the Middle Ages, and you think this is some sort of sorcery... Well anyways, today is the twentyseventh of May, 2012. The iPad 3 came out this year, but I've got the feeling you don't even know what an iPad is. Well, it's...a...um...it's some sort of small computer. Wait, do you even know what a computer is? Damn, this is tiring. If only the professor knew where this letter will go to. But no, the time machine isn't finished yet and my letter will only be used as a test. 
Well, try to write me back?

Shin Min Hae, 27 years old, Seoul, South-Korea

The End

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