Letter to future me

Hey me!

Gosh, how many years has it been since you wrote this? I think you would laugh very hard when you find this only a year later. 
Right now, you're a big fan of Lifehouse. How about now? Still lovin' them? 
Are you still good friends with Hannah, Phoebe, Lewis and Nate? I sure hope so. It would really be a pity if I lost contact with them. Not that I mind making new friends, but I just love these people.
So, how's your love life? Married yet? Divorced? Now, let's not be negative.
Are you a famous photographer, like we always wanted to become? I'm really curious. If they only invented time machines... Hey, that's a good question. Did someone invent one already?
It'd be so cool if I actually got a reply. Creepy though, but cool.

Lily, 17 years old, Helsinki, Finland.

The End

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