Let's Go to Planet Space!

A short story about two friends having a the silliest discussion about space.

"Let's go to Planet Space!"

My friend looked over at me with a look that said 'are you feeling okay?' before responding dryly, "Space isn't a planet. Space has planets in it but it's not an actual planet in its own right."

Was he daft? "What are you talking about, Space is a vacuum, how can it have stuff in it?"

He buried his hand in his face mockingly. I smirked seeing that he was so confident I was wrong, but he was only going to make a fool of himself. Then he took a moment to try to formulate a reply. "Do you even know what a vacuum is?"

"Yeah! It's something that has nothing inside it. And it sucks stuff up. That's how vacuum cleaners suck stuff up, because they're empty and it really wants to fill the space-"

"You're kind of right," My friend interrupted. "But space isn't completely empty. It has little pockets of 'stuff' in it. Stars, nebulas, planets..."

"-such as Planet Space." I replied surely. Why he couldn't grasp that simple concept I have no idea.

Aha! My friend looked completely stumped. He stuttered and stammered while trying to think up a reply, his face contorting in confusion. "There's no planet called Space, dude! Space is just the empty gaps between the objects in space."

"Prove it!" I demanded. If he was going to make such outlandish claims, I needed to see some backup. "Prove that there is no Planet Space!"

"I... you know what, forget it." My friend got up off the bench and finished his can of soda before throwing it in the trash. "This debate is ridiculous!"

Ha! You can't prove it! You just don't want to admit it!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” My friend walked away in shame. I knew from the start that he was going to make a fool of himself trying to debate that there was no Planet Space. I just didn't realise that I would win this debate so quickly this time.

The End

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