Leto Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Azrael tells Coby to look out for Ora, follow her. Hades tells Rocco to follow Corbin and ultimately they are found out. Pulled to the middle of Silvanus Wood they are confronted. Hades insults the entire tribe, and Corbin for ever wanting Ora. A fight breaks out.

Coby immediately attacks Corbin, who fights him in return despite Ora's cries for him to stop.

Hades attacks her, claiming that she has made Corbin too weak.

Rocco also attacks Ora because she knows that Coby loves her, and she is jealous of her for having two men that love her.

Azrael tries to help Coby by fighting off Corbin, but Hades soon interrupts talking of justice and revenge.

Many other members of both tribes are meeting and fighting each other, the battle increasing by the second. Ora kicks Rocco in the chest, sending her backwards and she collides with Hades, who throws her off as if she were a fly. For a long moment, Ora and Corbin's eyes meet across the field. The light and the dark fighting to exist together, neither of them trying to find each other within the battle. In Ora's eyes suddenly Corbin's face is contorting with pain, he falls to the ground crumpled with pain. Coby is standing over him, victorious. His wide chest heaving.

Ora feels a blow to the chest and with all the rage within her, she grabs Rocco by her neck and throws her backwards. Ora had reached Corbin's body before Rocco's had hit the ground. There were shrieks of satisfaction and victory around her; Hades and Azrael were still fighting. Their black cloaks flying over themselves. Corbin's body was rigid, blood pooled from the back of his head, his eyes that lay open had misted over. Ora felt something she had never felt before, her heart sank and the air from her lungs evaporated. She choked with sobs, her eyes blinded by tears, thick and streaming down her face. Corbin's features were so relaxed, neither anger nor pain could be seen there. His skin no longer crumpled with a scowl or frown.


Coby had moved off, he was now fighting another follower of Azrael’s. He had not thought to care of the sudden loss of Ora's.

She lifted Corbin's head, his thick honey blonde hair wet with blood, but she did not care. It soaked her shirt and jeans as she cradled his head in her arms. For a moment, she thought the fight was over, there was a blow. Blood rushed to her ear as she crashed to the floor, someone had kicked her in the head, and dirt flew up her nose, and stuck to her face as she tried to lift herself. She was helped; Hades had grabbed the back of her head and was dragging her. Azrael was lying against a tree stump, he was not moving. She wanted nothing more than to die; she fought against Hades as he dragged her.

She screamed for nothing, the elevating feeling freeing her lungs from the sobs.

Hade let her go, and she turned to beg him.

"Kill me...just do it, please"

"Why? So you can be with him?" Hades gestured towards Corbin's body.

"Just do it"

"No, I’m not going to kill you. You see, your father never told you the powers that you possess. This pain that you feel, it will be of great benefit to us now"

"Us? Now?" Ora said.

"Oh yes my girl, you and I are going to be very powerful together"

"I'm not your girl"

"Indeed" Hades said "you were his that much was clear" Hades. The past tense raked at Ora's heart as she got to her feet. She squared her shoulders and looked into Hades red eyes.

"What do you want from me?"

"We are going to create an army; we are going to rule the world"


Ora could feel the sun weakening as the seconds ticked by, the wind was growing stronger and more of her tribe were following. Around them, the bodies of her tribe lay. Rocco had got to her feet; she was shaking dirt from her blonde hair and glaring at Ora, evidently not pleased by Hades choice. Ora felt that she would lose nothing but possibly her life if she continued with Hades. She felt no betrayal by taking his side, for her own friend had killed Corbin. Azrael's death at not yet hit her, she was numb, determined. Corbin’s' love for her had not died, it warmed her blood, picked up her feet and moved her lips as she agreed with Hades. Leaving the bodies of her tribe, leaving Silvanus Forest and beginning her new life.







The End

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