Leto Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Coby did not like this idea at all. Although he respected Azrael more than anyone, he knew that Ora would not like this idea at all. Azrael had ordered Coby to watch Ora, to find out where she goes for such long times and returns having neither excuse nor reason for going out there. Azrael fears that she is going out of our boundaries. I do not believe she is that stupid, Coby thought. Ora was a few metres ahead of him and as yet, had not heard him behind her. Coby was both proud of himself and concerned, Ora was the best at detecting over lookers. She must be distracted. Her auburn hair was all that Coby could see, she suddenly darted to the right, hidden beneath the trees. Had she heard me? Coby thought, he quickened his steps until he saw her again walking slowly. She seemed to be following something that Coby could not see. The sky was getting darker and darker as he continued to follow her. Where is she going? Coby thought angrily. He had been ordered by Azrael to remain hidden from her, he considered it easier to just ask Ora where she was going. Ora was suddenly running, Coby followed. He was frightened, what was going on?

Someone emerged from the darkness, for a moment Coby could not see him. Ora had stopped in front of them. He ran, stopping a tree before Ora so that he could see her face. She was smiling widely; the smile was beautiful he had never seen her look so radiant. Corbin Senka stepped out of the darkness and it took every amount of self control for Coby to remain where he was. Was she bewitched? Why was she smiling at this fiend? Coby observed that Corbin was also smiling at Ora, she stepped forward reaching for Corbin’s hand. Coby felt sick, his head was spinning; he continued to watch Ora as she bent her head and kissed the palm of Corbin’s hand. They were moving closer to each other, Coby could not take it.

“Ora how can you? How can you even touch him?” He was barking, his eyes glared at them both. Corbin did not look surprised at his entrance but Ora had let go of Corbin and had a look of guilt in her eyes.

“What is it to you?” she squeaked her yellow eyes were brimming with tears. She was crying for him? Coby’s chest was heaving with anger. He wanted to kill Corbin, he must have bewitched her.

“Ora you are too good, too good for him! He is disgusting! He is a dog!” Coby snarled and pointed into Corbin’s face. Corbin had stepped forward his arm wrapped around Ora’s waist. She didn’t move, Coby felt sick with jealousy. He felt deranged.

“You speak...” Ora stepped forward, her eyes suddenly angry “you speak of what you do not know. Just because you do not like Corbin does not mean that I cannot love him”

“Ora love is forbidden you know that!”

“I am not looking for your blessing” Ora hissed. Corbin had not said anything, Coby kept his eyes on Ora, her face was pleading. Was she begging for my silence? Coby wondered.

“You are not worth the explanation Cub. It is Ora’s decision to have me” Corbin said serenely, with pride. Coby growled.

“I will kill you dog, I will” he vowed. “I will tell Azrael, I will tell everyone of your betrayal Ora – do not look at me with those eyes. You have broken our forbidden rule. To love is Leto you know this” Coby could not keep the disappointment from his voice. He knew that he was also lying, for he held love for Ora more than anyone could have known.

 Corbin coughed.

“So what was the origin of your question to Azrael yesterday Cub? Were you not also questioning your Leto?”

“Speak one more word Senka and I will rip your tongue out”

“You will not touch him” To Coby’s greater disgust Ora stepped protectively in front of Corbin, wrapping her arms around his waist. Coby could not understand her eyes, they were so worried.

The End

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