Leto Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Corbin and Ora continue to see each other secretly.

“How can you love me?” Corbin spoke the worlds calmly although he wanted to scream at her. He wanted to shake some sort of sense into her.

“How can you love me?” Ora asked, her voice wobbling with fright.

“What can you mean?”

“You have said yourself that my name does not befit me, and there are many other beautiful women here. Rocco is fine-looking” Ora kept her face composed, focusing more on Corbin’s arms that had wrapped themselves around her so delicately that she had hardly felt him.

“She is...although she is mean tempered and manipulative”

“As are you” Ora teased.

“So how can you love me?”

“It is not all that you are, call me naive or stupid if you will but I see a greatness in you”

“There is no greatness in me” Corbin arms tightened around Ora, his face livid.

“You love me to well to prove me wrong” Ora replied calmly, leaning away from Corbin. She knew that she had to return to Azrael before the sun went out completely. The trees were a golden orange, the leaves littered the ground, crunching beneath Ora’s feet as she stepped back.

“I must go” she smiled at Corbin whose expression had lightened. His eyes were warm, a smile was breaking his lips. Ora made to turn away, her heart swelling with love.


“Good night, my love” Corbin whispered. He could not let her leave so swiftly, he jumped from the rock and stood behind her, smelling her hair as he pulled it from her neck. She sighed as his lips brushed the back of her neck. He wanted to turn her around, kiss her mouth, and hold her close but Hade’s voice echoed through his skull. He was being summoned.


The End

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