Leto Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Ora was storming through the woods, avoiding everyone she could as all they would ask her is how the mark across her face had appeared. They worried it maybe a disease that Hades and his tribe had brought with them. She had been poked and prodded throughout the day. The humiliation and disgust with herself was driving her crazy. She hated Corbin more than she could contain. She stood still, breathing deeply and trying to calm herself. She pictured Corbin’s smirk, the way he stood, so arrogant and confident. The nearest tree to her got it the worst, her fists broke the bark, sending splinters into the air, sap stuck to her nails. The trunk began to buckle and the tree fell, leaning against the one opposite.


“Ohh” Corbin’s arrogant tone filled the air. Ora’s heart sank; she clenched her fists and turned to his disgusted expression. “Taking your incompetence out on trees now are you?”

“Well now that you’re here” Ora barked, stepping forward. She had not thought of hitting him until she was close enough. When fear overruled her, she hesitated.

Corbin cackled in her face, “What good would it do you to attempt to strike me?”

“Coby would enjoy the story” Ora shrugged, Corbin had stepped away from her in revulsion. She found it easier to pretend confidence.

“Indeed, I would explain in exactly what ways I broke your neck” Corbin stepped forward, he breathed into Ora’s face, his eyes were eager – as if he really wanted only to hurt her.

“You do not frighten me”

Corbin’s smile was inhuman, he flashed his teeth and his eyes widened manically.

“You are as poor a liar as you are a person” he spat stepping away from her again.

His words no longer mattered to Ora, for the sun had almost disappeared between the canyons. She had to return to the camp. She snarled at him and ran back the way she had come.




Corbin stood, watching the place she had been. He loved the effect he had upon her, for his appearance and its effect had not been lost on him. Through his travels with Hades he had been commended on it. He knew that she feared him; he knew that she thought of him often.

"The poor girl is infatuated" He boasted to Hades. He had returned from the forest, he sat confidently on a rock. Hades was pacing the ground, listening. "I have seen her, more than once glance around the woods in order to seek me"

Hades head snapped up irritably "All that you do Corbin, all that you speak of...is that girl. Indeed, I have seen you, more than once glance towards her tribe in order to seek her"

Rocco let out a cruel giggle; she tossed her blonde ringlets in triumph. Hades resumed his pacing; Corbin had no words to speak. He could not argue with Hades.


The End

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