Leto Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Are you spying on me?" Ora had known he was doing something of the sort, and for a crazy moment, she thought she saw him grimace.

"Do not flatter yourself, I am ordered to observe your tribes’ way of life...Hades thinks it beneficial to us to know what you are doing" Corbin snarls.

"How dare he? He does not rule these lands, he has no right to know what we are doing, and neither do you - get out" Ora barked back at Corbin, excitement streaming through her.

"Do not talk in a manner bolder than yourself. You insult your tribe and I when you speak, away with you" Corbin was disgusted at her; she was the most repulsive thing he had ever laid eyes on. How dare she think he was spying upon her? He had merely stopped his patrol.

"Away with you, this is our land. Hades and his followers can be damned for all I care"

Stinging pain shot through Ora's face as the back of Corbin's hand slapped across it. Her eyes watered and as she turned to face him, ready to fight - he had disappeared.

Ora stood in shock, pain wasn’t something that happened to her every day. Her skin was hard, impenetrable yet her cheek throbbed and she could feel her eye swelling.

“How humiliating!” she thought in vain. Ora was worried of having to face her tribe and Corbin with her face swelling as it was. How had he done that?

Ora trudged through the woods in frustration, her eyes continued to water with humiliation and pain.

But she knew that her pain was not only physical, there was also a pain in her heart.


Corbin was sitting in a tree above, watching Ora stand in shock below him. His hand stung where he had hit her skin, “she deserved it” Corbin thought bitterly, blowing gently onto his burning hand. Her skin was harder than he had expected, she seem confused as to why her skin has swelling like it was.

Despite himself Corbin had a flinch of regret when he hit her, it was probably the human in him, recognising that she was a woman, and Corbin always tried to pity the ones weaker than him.


The End

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