Leto Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Ora spent the rest of her time avoiding going into the woods. She did not want to run into Corbin again, she still felt shaken by the look in his eyes it was like a hunger. It frightened her, and there was not much she was scared of. On the fourth night of her personal exile from the woods she could not help but venture out a little.

The same feeling she was being watching had not left her since her meeting with Corbin, it was like a permanent burn to her brain. The moon light was sprawled across the ground from the cascading tree branches. It had not rained in days so the air was thick with sunlight. There were no stars.

Ora continued to feel like she was being watched and stupidly begun turning around on the spot, before a laugh erupted from the darkness. It wasn’t Corbin.



Rocco let out an embarrassed laugh, this was the girl that Corbin had not been able to leave alone all week?

She looked oblivious, almost ignorant to life around her. Rocco tossed her beautiful blonde curls and stepped out to Ora.

“We haven’t met...I’m Rocco”

Ora stood in silent shock; the woman who had emerged from the trees was beautiful beyond words. Her hair was almost silver in the moonlight, she was tall with long legs and she wore a thin short black dress to show off her figure.

“Ora” Ora managed to cough out. Rocco had tossed her curls again, it seemed to be a natural habit. She stepped closer to Ora liking the effect she was giving Ora, she could feel embarrassment peeling from her skin.

“Yes...Corbin has mentioned you” Rocco didn’t hide her distaste; his eyes had gone all watery as if he enjoyed watching her. “I have no idea what his problem is” she eyed Ora up and down, trying to find some hidden beauty. She evaluated that she was relatively slim; her hair was long and a unusual colour, auburn.

“He does?” Ora asked in surprise.

“Don’t worry Cher, I'm surprised too” and Ora believed her. She raised her perfect eyebrows at Ora. There was no noise, but all of a sudden Corbin was standing behind Rocco, she noticed him before Ora and took several steps back to join him.

Corbin looked very, very angry with Rocco.




Corbin was radiating anger and Rocco knew not to linger. She strode past him, close enough for him to smell her sweet perfume. He would enjoy arguing with her later.

Ora stood in the same spot she had been in, still in shock at Rocco’s appearance and what she had said about Corbin. Her words had gave her some strange satisfaction, almost like a hidden power over Corbin. Ora lifted her eyes to his, he had moved a little bit closer, disgust coloured his face.

“Whatever Rocco said – don’t even think of it, don’t you ever think of it” his voice was the coldest Ora had ever heard it. It almost sounded like it hurt him.

“Rocco said nothing” Ora lied.

“Don’t you lie to me!  I am not a fool” he almost screamed. Corbin was embarrassing himself, he did not know the true extent of Rocco’s lies to Ora but he wanted to make it clear she had lied.

“Leave me be then” Ora ordered and turned quickly, she was running before she thought of doing so.

Corbin watched Ora run, he considered chasing her but he knew that was wrong. She wanted him to leave her be which was perfectly fine with him.

The End

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