Leto Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After continuous questioning of Azrael, Ora was no closer to finding out what had happened in the field that afternoon and as if it hadn’t happened, she resumed her normal day to day activities, hunting, walking, exploring.

Ora loved the fastness of Silvanus forest and it was hard to believe a world outside it, of course she had never been told about it. Azrael claimed that he could not remember for it was so long ago, although Ora was not stupid, she knew Azrael knew more than he would ever let her know. It had rained that morning and the grey clouds hung over the tall trees like canopies. It was the season where the leaves would turn a beautiful orange and assortment of browns; this was Ora’s favourite season. The dead leaves crunched under her feet as she walked, deliberately slow to savour the taste of the air, and the feel of the wind.

Some days she would run, just for the fun of it, just to feel the trees whip past her. But not today, underneath the deliciousness of the wind and smell of the rain there was a twinge in Ora’s stomach, she was being watched. She had felt it since she had left the tribe lands, and she had hoped they would move on and get bored of watching her walk among the trees but not this being. It wasn’t Coby, Ora knew. She could hear Coby coming from far away, his heavy footfalls were so distinctive to her now, and it was not Azrael.

Dread choked her. The snapping of branches broke the silence and Ora was no longer at a loss of who was watching her.


Corbin thought himself to be very bored of this Silvanus Forest, everything looked the same. The trees and the soil, the trees and the soil. He had walked among them all night, listening to the tribe, finding out their secrets and he now followed Ora Bela. He had regrettably watched her all night and morning, for lack of a better reason; he found her quite an amusement to watch.

She looked peculiar to him. Rocco was of a distinct beauty, small symmetrical features, however a perverse and sick personality. She made him shiver even now.

Ora, however was of ordinary looks. Her name did not proclaim her beauty correctly. The tranquil look about her was too plain; her skin portrayed the lifestyle of someone living without sunlight, and her eyes were yellow, a pale dim yellow. Her hair was long, a strange reddish colour that paled her skin.

He had watched Ora leave her tribe and begin walking round the forest in no real pattern, her eyes observed everything as if it were for the first time she had seen them. Before Corbin had even realised he was, he had followed Ora – keeping a distance from her.

She had stopped walking now, and had closed her eyes to smell the air. Corbin had deliberately pulled a branch from a tree and begun snapping it. He had done this without realising its consequence. Of course she would hear him.

“Aren’t you bored of following me around?” Ora had kept her eyes closed as Corbin stepped in front of her. Rage and embarrassment filled him up, why would she just assume he had been following her? She must have heard him earlier.

“I would have been if I were following you, how conceited does one have to be, to think I would follow you?” Corbin spat the words, he knew he was lying but he would not admit it to her. Her peculiar eyes opened at his words and she frowned.

“Well then, what exactly do you want?” Ora was feeling the dread and fear creep up on her, she tried to keep her face composed. Corbin almost laughed in her face again.

“Nothing you can provide me” Corbin snorted that she had even entertained the thought.

“Good” Ora sighed with relief and turned to go.

Corbin stepped in front of her; his face was inches from hers now. He was testing his ability to influence her. He had many times used his looks and influences to get the truth or a rise from people. He breathed lightly into her face, looking into her eyes. He could hear her heart racing in her chest.

Ora couldn’t breathe, what was Corbin doing to her?

“Ahh” Corbin sighed and looked away disappointed “you are just like every other fickle girl”

Ora blushed a colour, reminding Corbin of a rose. She seemed quite hurt but what he had said, which confused him. Usually his words meant nothing to anyone.

The End

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